D.L. Moody

Jesus Let the phrase “Revival is Coming New Mexico” echo from every mountain and valley in the great state of New Mexico! Lord we can see that the Holy Spirit is unleashing a sudden surge of synergy that is creating a contagious hunger for Revival!! Lord let what your doing in our state only multiply!!! I believe one of the keys to Revival is becoming a great student of Revival! I want to draw your attention to man by the name of Dwight L. Moody. D. L. Moody may well have been the greatest evangelist of all time. In a 40-year period he won a million souls to Jesus!!! I said a MILLION SOULS TO JESUS!!!! Just in case you read past that part!!!!!He founded three Christian schools, launched a great Christian publishing business, established a world-renowned Christian conference center, and inspired literally thousands of preachers to win souls and conduct revivals. He traveled across the American continent and through Great Britain in some of the greatest and most successful evangelistic meetings communities have ever known. He preached to 10,000,000 people yes that is 10 MILLION people in his Lifetime!! As God poured out Revival through who they called “Crazy Moody” he preached to massive crowds with no microphone, television, or Internet!!!! Oh God that you would rend the Heavens and come down in New Mexico!! God there is only 2 million people in the whole state of New Mexico!! One man in history won half of the population of our state in his lifetime!! Jesus we believe nothing is impossible as you pour out your Spirit across the State of New Mexico!!! The heart of revival burned so intensely in D.L Moody that he would say things like “Those who kneel the most stand the best” “If I take care of my character then my reputation will take care of itself!” He would say things like out of 100 men, 1 will read the Bible and 99 will read the CHRISTIAN!” God send Revival to New Mexico until your people become history makers, world changers, planet shakers!!!!!!! Father let your glory blanket our state with REVIVAL FIRE!!!!!