Day 1 of 21 Days Of Fasting and Prayer

 If you have joined us get ready to see powerful things in your life! This morning I charge you to FAST AND PRAYER not just Fast. FASTING WITHOUT PRAYER IS ONLY A DIET! We are not looking to go on a 21 Day Diet! Our hearts desire is that we draw so close to God that our Spirit-Man becomes uncluttered with the things of this World. Mathew 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled. Can you Imagine your hunger and thirst for God being stronger than your hunger and thirst for natural food!!?? Can you Imagine your spiritual appetite having a louder voice than your natural appetite? Can you imagine your spiritual senses being the driving force of your walk with God instead of your natural senses that buckle in fear when encountering the storms of life!! Welcoming to the life changing effects of fasting and prayer!! May you hunger and thirst for God like never before the next 21 days!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! God bless!!