Day 19 of 21 Days of Fasting of Prayer

The last few days I have been reminding you that according to Isaiah 58 when you Fast and pray your light will shine brighter than ever in a dark world also your health will spring forth speedily!!! This morning I want to remind you that when you fast and pray Isaiah 58:8 says your righteousness shall go before you!! There is nothing like walking in a right standing with God almighty!! There is nothing like the feeling of righteousness in our lives! Though Christ is our righteousness we have a duty to put on the breastplate of righteousness!! Fasting and prayer will empower you to do the right things with the right heart before God! Nothing is more spiritually counterproductive than to do the right thing with the wrong heart!! Righteousness puts a focus in our hearts to honor God in all that we do!! I charge you in the name of Jesus as you fast and pray to allow the Holy Spirit to bring conviction in areas of our hearts where righteousness must prevail!! God Bless!!!