Day 3 of 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer

       Good morning it’s day 3 of PRAYER AND FASTING and Im so proud of the consistency of God’s people. I have not seen people hanging their faces and feeling sorry for themselves! I have heard reports of how excited you are to eliminate meat, bread and desserts!!! Get ready because a lot can happen in 3 days! Our Jesus died on the cross was buried in a tomb and walked out on the third day declaring himself to be the Son of God with power and literally changed the destiny mankind empowering us to pass from death to life in 3 days!! Lift your vision higher today! Lift your expectation level higher!! ONLY BELIEVE!! This morning I want to draw your attention to the reality that fasting is not just a natural discipline but it is a SPIRITUAL FEAST!! Do not make the focus of this fast about what you cannot eat in the natural but allow the Holy Spirit to empower your focus to be on the fact that as you deny your flesh you are preparing to eat of a spiritual feast that God has prepared for you! In Mathew 4:4 Jesus said man cannot live on bread alone but every Word that precedes out of the mouth of the Father! Spiritual bread is far greater than natural bread!!! Psalm 34:8 says taste and see that the Lord is good! Allow this fast to empower you to get hungry for His presence!! Get hungry for His joy and peace!! Get hungry His divine purpose and plans for your life! Get hungry to see a move of God in your city that is of unprecedented power!!! Fasting is about eating at a spiritual feast!! The lord has prepared spiritual food that is like manna from heaven!! Eat of it and you will realize that KING BELLY IS SO OVERRATED COMPARED TO EATING OF GLORY OF OUR JESUS!! Stay focused, stay committed and don’t let any devil in hell spoil your spiritual appetite as you fast and pray!! God bless you!!