Day 4 of 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer

     Hasn’t it been awesome to have those moments where you desire to eat what you are fasting and as that hunger or craving arises you say NO!!??? Saying no creates a hunger for fasting!!!!:) Once you say no the consistent feeling of a cleansing process is not only taking place in your body as toxins are released but also spiritually as you allow your Spirit Man to gain the leadership role in your life that it was always supposed to have!! This morning I want to draw your attention to “THE POWER OF BREAKING OUT OF A WORLDLY ROUTINE!” Maybe before you you started this fast you had an eating routine. Get up in the morning eat your favorite breakfast of oatmeal, eggs toast, cereal, pancakes and bacon. But now Fasting breaks that routine and your having to reconsider what your body can have. You get to lunch time maybe normally you would have a sandwich or hamburger but now your having to break that routine, maybe for dinner chicken or steak and now your having to break that routine. For the last 3 days you have deprived your body of a normal routine and told it NO. Fasting pushes you to that place where as you deprive your natural senses of food and break your natural worldly routine, it becomes easier on the spiritual battlefield to make no provision for the flesh. When it is time to lead someone to Jesus and you have the feeling of embarrassment fasting has now conditioned your Spirit Man to lead and your flesh to get out of the way!! Maybe the time comes to pray for the sick and your flesh says no I don’t believe. Well fasting has already deprived the voice of your flesh long enough that the only voice you hear is the voice of your spirit man saying only believe!! These are only a few examples of the power of breaking your worldly routine!! The breaking of your worldly routine creates a consistent God honoring spiritual routine that destroys the works of the devil!! You cannot give your body everything it wants all year then expect to be able to tell it NO when the flesh desires to lead your spiritual life!!!!!! Fast and Pray CHURCH!!! Keep up the good work!! Fast and pray and don’t give into any devil in hell that says you can’t do this!! God bless!!