God Seekers

Good Morning! I want challenge the Church to be ” GOD SEEKERS” Psalm 27:8 says When You said, “Seek My face,”My heart said to You, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.” I want you to consider what your life would look like if it were second nature to seek the face of God! If God seeking everyday was an automatic response in your life everything would change!! When things are going great SEEK GOD! When things are going bad SEEK GOD! When you are not sure if what is happening in your life is good or bad SEEK GOD! God is looking for a generation that will disassociate themselves with the fear of man and put on a garment of praise and get a hold of God no matter what you look like in the face of people’s critical spirit and non God seeking attitudes!!!!! I love the heart of David in this Psalm because When God says seek my face, the automatic response is that his heart says your face Lord I will seek! His heart did not say I’m too tired, I’m struggling too bad, I don’t feel like it, I don’t feel worthy, it’s too hard, does it require all of that to be a Christian, what if someone sees me and don’t understand what I’m doing!!!! Blah blah blah blah blah!!!! No excuses for David!! God wanted to be sought and David’s heart responded accordingly!! God desires that each and every one of us Seek His Face with our whole heart!! If we are not careful we will buy the last day lie that the church ought to be so seeker sensitive and hold back our freedom to seek God in the name of not offending someone or them not understanding why we speak in tongues, shout the praises of God or dance at his altar!! The seeker sensitive strategy of Hell is sent on assignment to shutdown the God seekers! The seeker sensitive movement has failed to identify who the true seekers of God are! God seekers seek God in total abandonment! Lord you said seek my face and my heart says your face I will seek! The Holy Spirit desires to raise up a generation of believers that are not marked by CHAMELEON CHRISTIANITY that alters the way they seek God do to the atmosphere that they are in! We are called to change the atmosphere as we seek God not blend into a non God seeking atmosphere of this world!! Since when does the world’s lack of understanding of God get to determine the temperature of our spiritual fire that resides in the Church!!??????Don’t let the world’s lack of understanding of who God is determine your freedom to abandon your self in praise, worship and prayer publicly and privately! Today allow your heart to say YOUR FACE LORD I WILL SEEK NO MATTER WHO IS AROUND ME!! Like David said I will get more undignified than this!!!!!