March To The Sound of Heaven

Good Morning! I want encourage you to “MARCH TO THE SOUND OF HEAVEN” Psalm 37:23 says The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and He delights in his way. As believers in Jesus Christ it is still tempting at times to want to do our thing instead of God’s thing. It’s easy to desire our way over God’s way! And before you know it, you end up confused and wondering where is God in this situation?Today I challenge you to try a new approach, the God approach, the Bible approach which is to “March to the Sound of Heaven!” God desires to be involved in your decision making, so invite him into your decisions! Imagine this, the God of Heaven knows all things and He desires to order your steps! The word ORDER means to be firm, stable and established, what more could we ask for!!?? He desires that you say what he is saying in your circumstance and you do what he would do! God is more than willing to order your steps in life! He will say go left, go right, do this, don’t do that and sometimes just because you have faithfully obeyed him you end up exactly in His WILL effortlessly!! Remember the steps of a RIGHTEOUS man or woman is ordered by the Lord! You must make sure you have been washed in the blood of Jesus and you are in a right standing with God!! Your right standing with God will produce an ordering of your steps! Unknowingly sometimes it is as the God of Heaven is saying LEFT LEFT LEFT RIGHT LEFT, LEFT LEFT LEFT RIGHT LEFT!! Before you know it your marching orders have descended from Heaven to earth and you end up stepping into God’s Blessing and Favor for your life! Everybody wants the will of God in their lives but are they willing to obey the marching orders of heaven!! It’s not about what we want or what we feel sometimes, it’s about what God knows and desires for our life! Lastly God says that He delights in your ways!!! The word delight means He takes pleasure in and is pleased with us when we allow him to lead our lives!! So the conclusion this morning is why would we make our decisions without the God of Heaven, who loves us so much and desires to be apart of our decision making? Why would we lead our lives when God sees our lives from an aerial view? Why would we trust ourselves over our God who knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end? This morning go to the Lord in the name of Jesus and receive today’s Marching orders of Heaven!! Do not bow to what others think you should do, bow to the God of Heaven who knows what you should do!!!:) God bless!!