New Mexico “Our Story”

I sit Overwhelmed by the possibility that the Revival Fires of the Holy Ghost will once again sweep across the Great State of New Mexico , therefore I want to share pieces from the book “OUR STORY” The New Mexico Assemblies of God 100 Years of Pentecost! The History of the Assemblies of God first took root in a room of 300 people in the Grand Opera House in Hot Springs Arkansas in April of 1914. God Himself was stirring a REVIVAL MOVEMENT through these “exuberant meetings” that would spawn one of the greatest church and missionary fellowships that the modern era would see. A Pentecostal scholar named Vinson Syan said “With roots in the apostolic faith movement founded by Charles Parham, and the AZUSA STREET REVIVAL, it was the first denomination to be entirely a product of the PENTECOSTAL MOVEMENT! I want to pause and say Lord that you would rend the Heavens and come down in Pentecostal Revival Fire again in New Mexico!!!!! A man by the name of J.A. Perkins a farmer experienced the Pentecostal message at a revival in Arkansas. Perkins moved his family to Artesia, New Mexico! THE FIRST SPARKS OF REVIVAL FIRE WAS IGNITED THROUGH HIM!! I love that part of the book! I read that and I feel the power of God!!!! Jesus ignite every Pastor in the state of New Mexico with REVIVAL FIRE!! Perkins and N.R. Nicholas teamed up to spread the Pentecostal message across southeastern New Mexico!! Revival spread to Portales Nm. The Revivals in Portales NM yielded perhaps the most long lasting work in the entire history of the Assemblies of God in New Mexico for First Assembly of God in Portales is the oldest and most continuous Assemblies of God church in New Mexico! The church is currently Pastored by Kelly Fulfer and it is now known as “TrinIty Church” I love Revival History!! smile emoticon God call us all back to the Revival Roots that birthed Pentecost in our state! lord I ask you to continue to unleash that sudden surge of supernatural synergy that is creating a contagious hunger for REVIVAL IN NEW MEXICO!! Because of the REVIVAL FIRES IN THE BEGINNING producing thousands of Salvations and Infillings of the Holy Spirit, at the height of the number of people In the Assemblies of God in New Mexico, nearly 15,000 believers on average attend church across our state every Sunday! JESUS EMPOWER US TO DO EVEN GREATER THINGS IN THE LAST DAYS!! REVIVAL IS COMING TO NEW MEXICO!!