You Are The Apple of God’s Eye

Good Morning! “YOU ARE THE APPLE OF GOD’S EYE” Zechariah 2:8 For thus says the Lord of hosts: “He sent Me after glory, to the nations which plunder you; for he who touches you touches the apple of His eye. Today I want you to consider how important you are to the God of the universe!!! The reality is that you are the apple of His eye. You are the pupil of His eye the most cherished part of the eye! God loves you and cherishes you deeply this morning!! Allow him to have your whole heart!! The apple of His Eye In Hebrew gives us even more understanding! In Hebrew “the apple of His eye” can be translated “the little man of his eye” this is in reference to the reflection of your self that is small that you can see in someone’s eyes. I want you to consider this picture for just a moment you are the little man in Gods eye!! This truth reaffirms that God is big and you are little! If all of you fits in the pupil of Almighty God that ought to remind you that nothing is too hard for God! Your struggles, your failures, your success, your victories all fit in the pupil of Gods eye! Every challenge you could possiblyface is so small in the eyes of God!! It’s time to dwarf the lies of the devil with the truth of How big our God is!!!!!! In God’s eyes you are His most cherished!! Only God has the power to make everyone of His children His favorite and love them all with the same unconditional love!! Lastly the Bible reveals (though He is speaking of Israel he has the same love for you ) he who touches you touches the apple of His eye!! To touch the apple of God’s eye means to literally poke God in the eye with a finger!! Have you ever got poked in the eye and immediately your hands go up over face to defend!! When hell seeks to attack you the same thing is happening!! No devil in hell is going to get away with attacking The apple of Gods eye (YOU) and it not produce a reaction out of God Almighty!! The hand of God will immediately move in your defense!! This morning I challenge you to get up and live out your day knowing your importance in the eyes of God! And no matter what your tomorrow brings the heart of God seeks to defend his children from every plan and strategy of the enemy!!!!! NO DEVIL IN HELL CAN POKE ONE OF GOD’S CHILDREN AND GET AWAY WITH IT!! God’s got you!!!!:)