Day 2 of 21 Days Of Fasting and Prayer

     Keep it up! By Day 2 your thinking I can do this!! Guess what you can! Don’t let any devil in hell tell you otherwise! Your appetite to eat is one of the strongest desires you have in your life! IT IS TIME TO DETHRONE THE POWER OF ITS INFLUENCE. Natural hunger can determine the course of your day if you let it and possibly the course of your life!!! It will determine your attitude and response to situations! Yesterday I noticed the new snickers bars say what you are like when your hungry and words like “complainer” “grumpy” “loopy” “confused” are printed on the bars!! I thought lord help us!!!!!!! 21 days of fasting will force your spirit,soul and body to submit to the fruit of the Spirit instead of the lying emotions that find its origin in your stomach and seek to dictate your behavior!! DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF KING BELLY!!!!!! I’m reminded this morning of Genesis 25 where Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of soup!!!!! His belly became his God until he ate himself out of the promises of God!! The unwillingness to control the natural appetite will become a breeding ground for the destruction of your spiritual appetite!!! FAST AND PRAY AND YOU WILL NOTICE THAT YOUR SPIRITUAL APPETITE WILL ECLIPSE YOUR NATURAL APPETITE!! ITS TIME TO FAST AND PRAY!!! So come join us tonight at NEW HOPE REVIVAL CHURCH AT 6:30pm as we pray and seek the face of God!! IT IS GOING TO BE POWERFUL!!!