The Overwhelming Love of God

Romans 5:8 says “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us!” I want you to pause this morning and consider “THE OVERWHELMING LOVE OF GOD!” Imagine while mankind was running from God, The God-Man Jesus Christ was running to go die for man! It was never about you living Holy enough to receive the blood of Jesus that was shed for you, it has always been about you receiving the blood of Jesus so you can live Holy before God! The overwhelming love of God was mocked, beaten, spat upon and had a crown of thorns twisted into His skull as he was beaten beyond recognition while mankind was dead in all of their trespasses and sins and did not even like God! The gospel is about a God who demonstrated his love in the face of man that demonstrated their hate towards God! While man was demonstrating their sin, God was demonstrating a way out!! You can’t love God without receiving Gods love!! We love God because He first loved us!! This overwhelming love of God will climb the highest mountain and swoop through the lowest valley and smite every devil in His path to get to you and pour out his love on you! For those that might have bought a lie of the devil today and have questioned the love of God!? I want to remind you that you cannot debate what God clearly demonstrates. His love through his blood brought you out of your sin and it will be His love through his blood that will keep you out of your sin! The love of God that was demonstrated on Calvary’s Cross is unchangeable because it was designed for you long before you decided to receive it by bowing your heart to Jesus! With that said when you receive the love of God, you will be overwhelmed by the possibility to obey the God who loves you! Jesus said if you love me then KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS!:) John 14:15!:) Let your day be full of the love of God! Allow it to overwhelm your heart!!!